Song by song synopsis by Walter Salas-Humara

1. Behind Me Now
No time left to worry about what horrible consequences the narrator's actions have wrought on the ones he is about to leave behind. He's about to find out what's on the other side.

2. Fall On Your Knees
Baby's keeping you up the part of your night not devoted to the big Rock Show? We all know life gets tougher the older we get, so we save a little piece for our souls and hang onto it with all our might.

3. Tell Me You Love Me
Ah, the travails of Modern Romance. Just tell me you love me.

4. I Won You Won
Breaking up will be good for both of us? Especially if there's a party going on and our remote control is tuned in.

5. Keeping Score
Time just a keeps on rollin' along. There are no second chances. Don't be a fool. Be Here Now.

6. People Are Right
He's leaving town. She steals his car. He later finds it with a note attached. Just when he's realizing the truth is always grey, he gets the call.......

7. Come On Like The Fast Lane
Uncle James, Clementine, The Whole Wide World - They are all with us when we give up sane for crazy.

8. Top Of The World
So what if the baby can't drive..... we can! Get behind the wheel and just drive like hell. There's nothing like it.

9. Days Gone By
There's a lot of news, a lot of Talking Heads. It's a endless stream. A lot of things we have very little effect on. Sometimes we don't even have any control over our most intimate relationships. Another reason to Be Here Now.

10. Sunset Morning
Love is strange. Love is beautiful. Sit back and let it roll all over you.

11. Never Leaving
When you find the right one, let yourself go and wallow in the best thing that's ever happened to you.

12. Out Of Our Way
There are many who will stop at nothing to get their way. Politics, Religion, Economics - Is there any difference?

13. Kickass
You don't need another man. You are kickass.