First Release: September 1985 Record Collect. Re-release: September 2002 Sonic Pyramid.

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara. Mixed by Walter Salas-Humara and Bob Rupe. Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Recorded at Studio Double You, L-7, Ardent and Bair Tracks.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Bob Rupe, Mary Rowell, Wayne Cloughley, Bob Wlos, Robert Ray, Dave Glennon, Genie Wheelwright, Bill Carey, Lena Carlstrom, Helen Kirklin, Kelly Lafferty, Sandy Guthrie, Russ Hinton, Carey Crane, Carlos and Lilia Salas-Humara, Jim Fealy, Ed Balko and Ignacio Salas-Humara.

Ask the Dust—Songs 1980-1988

Ask The Dust is not just another CD. It's two great vintage LP's on one CD plus two bonus tracks! Ask The Dust is a compilation of The Silos' 1985 debut LP, About Her Steps, and Walter Salas-Humara's 1988 solo LP, Lagartija, plus two songs recorded in 1980 from Walter's personal vault. In November of 1985 a tiny New York label, Record Collect, released the debut album from a "band" called The Silos. It consisted of an eclectic array of songs performed by fourteen musicians in various configurations under the guidance of singer-songwriter Walter Salas-Humara. Some cried, "Independent," some cried, "Alternative," some just cried. A new dawn had risen.

  1. Shine It Down
  2. 4 Wanted Signs
  3. Susan
  4. Start the Clock
  5. A Few Hundred Thank You's
  6. Now That I've Lost You
  7. Seeing Blue
  8. Heart + Soul
  9. Carol
  10. About Her Steps
  11. Two Voices
  12. September
  13. Cuba
  14. Promises
  15. Bridge
  16. You Look Like Sheila
  17. Don't Go Home
  18. Nobody's Business
  19. Heartbeat
  20. O'Fat Bass
  21. Thinking About You Tonight