Re-release: September 2002 Dualtone Music Group.

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara and Bob Rupe. Mixed by Walter Salas-Humara and Bob Rupe. Mastered by Adrian Morgan and Dave McNair at Blumlein Recorded at Mix-O-Lydian and L-7.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Bob Rupe, Mary Rowell, John Galway and John Ross with Rick Wagner, Dave Pearlman, Dan Fredman, Marylin Coyn, Michael Levin, Francine Post, Mary Wooton and Jonathan Stork.


Cuba is one of those albums that, in the fifteen years since its release, has become a kind of talisman among true music fans. Its mention elicits nods of approval and agreement from like-minded souls, and kicks the next phase of the conversation into enthusiastic high gear. When you meet people of taste who are unfamiliar with it, the prospect of turning them onto it becomes a palpable pleasure. Because you know that Cuba exists inside everyone, and this extraordinary album can take you there. It's a journey filled with longing and loss, warmth and wonder - and whether everything happens for a reason or not, albums like this are a document, a memory map, of why we want to think so.
- Anthony DeCurtis

[ LYRICS ]  

  1. Tennessee Fire [ LISTEN ]
  2. She Lives Up the Street [ LISTEN ]
  3. For Always [ LISTEN ]
  4. Margaret
  5. Mary's Getting Married
  6. Memories
  7. Just This Morning
  8. Going Round
  9. It's Alright
  10. All Falls Away
  11. Get Back My Name
  12. Maybe Everything
  13. Head Party
  14. Hook in My Lip